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Privacy Policy

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Copyright © Kivi Global, All Rights Reserved.

Kivi Global respects and is committed to protect the privacy of the User at this website. User can view this website without revealing any personal information; on few circumstances certain content available at our website requires registration and the transfer of funds revealing the personal information. This Privacy Policy is created to disclose what happens when user’s personal information provided during such process. User has the complete right to visit the subscription center and deactivate the registration or terminate communication receipt from Kivi Global.

On few circumstances, it becomes important for us to request user information. Such information request may be the part of registration, online survey, feedbacks, contests, and/or order forms. Few of our form request the user to provide personal information which is required to process the request of the user by us. Seldom, other information is also request from the user so that demographics of Kivi Global audience can be determined. For instance, we may ask for Name, Company, Address, Email address.

Under no circumstances shall Kivi Global sell, rent, trade or distribute personal information to any third party.

This website may make forums, message boards, chat rooms, news groups which shall be available to the users of Kivi Global. Please understand and acknowledge any information which is disclosed on these sections shall become public information. These sections shall be used by us for non commercial purpose only. User shall not publish or distribute any content containing fund solicitation, promotion, advertising, goods solicitation or service, or other commercial matter. Apart from specifically mentioned or authorized by Kivi Global, user shall acknowledge and agree not to collect or store data regarding other users at the website.

Kivi Global may provide third party links at our website. Kivi Global shall not be liable or responsible for any content, service or products offered by those third party websites. User should be aware when you leave Kivi Global website and examine the privacy policy statements of the complete website that collects the user’s personally identifiable information. Third party links provided at our website is for convenience and better user experience. User shall not conclude that Kivi Global sponsor, endorse, recommend or accepts responsibility of any of these third party websites by inclusion of these third party websites links in our website.

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Terms & Conditions

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  1. Rules and Regulations

    The rules and regulations which follow are applicable to all the users of this website. By accessing or using this website, user acknowledge and agrees to the following terms and conditions mentioned on this page. Kivi Global reserves the complete right to amend the following rules and regulations at any time or time to time at our sole discretion. Upon any violation of the rules and regulations mentioned in this terms and conditions page, Kivi Global reserves the complete right to seek for all the remedies available by the applicable law. The rules and regulations mentioned at this terms and conditions page is applicable to the entire visit by the user to the website both now as well as in future.
  2. Limited License

    Kivi Global hereby completely authorizes the user to copy materials published at our website exclusively for non-commercial use or purpose within your organization to support Kivi Global products. We shall not authorize any other use of the information published at the website. In concern of this authorization, user agrees that any material copy which user posses should have the complete copyrights and other proprietary notices in the exact form and manner as provided on the original. Apart from mentioned above, nothing contained herein shall be understand by as conferring by insinuation or otherwise any patent, license, copyright or trademark of Kivi Global or any third party. The complete content provided at this website is protected by copyright. Apart from exclusively permitted herein, information in no portion on this website shall be reproduced in any manner, form or means without receiving any written permission from Kivi Global. The website user is not allowed to modify, publish, distribute, create or transmit derivative works of any materials which are available or found on this website for any public or commercial purposes.
  3. Compliance with Applicable Laws: Export Control Laws

    Website access by the user is ruled by every applicable federal, state as well as local law. The complete information available at this website is subjected to the country law and also to the laws of the country where the user reside.
  4. Trademarks

    The logos, trademarks, and service marks (“Marks”) shown at the website is the property of Kivi Global or other third parties (associated or not associated with us). Website users are not allowed or permitted to use these logos, trademarks, and service marks without any prior written permission from Kivi Global or such third party which owns the logos, trademarks, and service marks. Kivi Global is a registered trademark of Kivi Global Pvt Ltd.
  5. General Disclaimer

    Kivi Global makes every effort and attempt to put forward accurate information on this website. However Kivi Global shall not guarantee the information to be accurate and assure no responsibility on the accuracy of the information provided at the website. Kivi Global shall/may amend or revise the services or programs mentioned at the website at any time without any prior notice. Any mentioning of non-Kivi Global services or products at the website is solely for the information purpose and it doesn’t comprise any recommendation or endorsements. The complete information put forward at this website is provided “as is” with all faults without warranty of any kind, articulated, implied or expressed. Kivi Global and its suppliers deny or disclaim the complete warranties, articulated, implied or expressed including, but not limited to, those of merchantability, appropriate for specific purpose and non-violation or occurs due to usage, dealing or trade practice, Kivi Global or its suppliers shall not be liable or responsible for any indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages which includes, but not limited to, profit or revenue loss, goods replacement costs, damage or loss or data upon use or website or any service usage failure at Kivi Global, consequential damages upon the use or dependence from the information provided, even if Kivi Global or its suppliers have advised or such damage possibilities.
  6. Third party Website Links

    Third party websites links maybe available at Kivi Global website. Links to third party website is provide better user experience and do not endorse or sponsor these third party website. Access to any other website linked from this website is at own risk of the user and Kivi Global shall not be in any way liable or responsible for the accuracy or the reliability of the any information (statements, opinions, data or advice) made at those third party website.
  7. User’s Right to Privacy

    Kivi Global provides significant importance to User’s right to privacy. User information provided to us shall not be shared with any other third party. Kivi Global completely reserves the right to information use for better user experience at website. Information of the user shall be provided to applicable governing law authorities when provided with proper documents for the purpose.
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Are you energetic, creative and competitive? Looking forward to achieve several milestones in innovation? Then definitely, we have a place for you at Kivi Global. Here at our company, it is the most ideal place for anyone who is qualified as you to work and to stay a step ahead with us. We’re one of the prominent service providers in the IT sector providing comprehensive range of technical solutions which includes software development, application development, .NET development, web development and several other BPO service with our offshore as well as onsite development centers available at India for the clients all across the globe.

Work Culture at Kivi Global

Based on strong values, ethics and a vision, Kivi Global are looking for individuals who are young and vibrant, competent enough to offer a lending hand in our mission dedicated to provide high quality results which offers ultimate customer satisfaction. We always look for individuals who have proven technical capability, remarkable analytical skills, qualifications and relevant academic record for learning and delivering application and software for business with talent and flexibility of high degree.

Current Openings at Kivi Global

We always welcome qualified individuals who are competent to lead and motivate our team by clearly demonstrating their skills to provide results which helps to meet the expected results and is favorable for our organization as well as our team. Qualified individuals who have exceptional skills in managing challenging projects and to determine them as per the needs and requirements of our clients are always welcomed with both hands.

  • .Net Windows Developers (2-3 years experience) – 2 Vacancies
  • .Net Windows Developers (0-1 years experience) – 3 Vacancies
  • .Net Web Developers (2-3 years experience) – 3 Vacancies
  • .Net Web Developers (0-1 years experience) – 3 Vacancies
  • iPhone Developers (3 years experience) – 1 Vacancy
  • Software Testors (2-3 years experience) – 2 Vacancies
  • Software Testors (0-1 years experience) – 1 Vacancy
  • Database Administrator – MS SQL R2 (3+ years experience) – 1 Vacancy
  • Front Office Administrator (2 years experience) – 1 Vacancy

If you believe that, you can be a part of our team, feel free to shoot us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Founded in 2007, Kivi Global is a Software development and Web development company, offering services in software development, maintenance, consulting, and testing, website development and design.

Our down-to-earth approach, dedication to innovation, expertise and experience in proven production methods assures that our clients stays a step ahead in all the new media opportunities available to them.


The exclusive purpose of our workforce is to help our clients to grow their business with innovate software development, to deliver international market high-quality solutions which provides a value and unfailing competitive advantage for our clients.

Our agenda is to provide optimal solutions with utmost quality at cost-effective price. For us customer satisfaction is much higher, rather than just generating revenue for our business.


To evolve in at constant manner and grow as a major IT service provider offering competitive solutions at international market. Our professional, flexible and integrated process reveals in what we offer. We always steer our clients towards success.


  • Collaborative – We believe in creating better value through collaboration and teamwork.
  • Committed – We are highly committed to our relationships, both with our clients and workforce.
  • Ethical – We’re transparent and honest in our actions. We utterly take pride in tackling our issues with integrity and courage.
  • Open-mind – We work in an open atmosphere; have open door policy when it comes to suggestions, diversification or changes.
  • Statutory – We practice the good citizen policies and stick on to statutory/tax-paying laws necessary in our business.
  • Winning – We set great significance on excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. We endeavour our best to offer winning combinations to our clients.


  • 99% project meet the deadline and customer satisfaction.
  • In-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise on the latest technology.
  • Quality over quantity
  • Dedicated, hardworking, and efficient workforce with good communication and technical skills.
  • High financial stability to assure long-term support.