Software Testing

Software reliability is playing a significant role in any industry. With the world moving towards the next generation, it’s almost unacceptable to have repeated crashes and data loss. Kivi Global is a prominent and independent software testing and analyzing company working with a solitary aim for software improvisation. Our services include, but not limited to the wide range of software testing and consulting service which incorporates business solutions as well as independent software consulting. First quality testing service is assured for your firms working conditions. With proven track records using our testing and quality analysis service, our clients have surely saved a ton of time and money.

Upon testing, we make sure that the software meets technical and commercial ends as it’s expected to provide. We also focus on both functional and non-functional areas during the testing process. It’s a general understanding that all the errors which software shows don’t occur due to errors in coding, but includes external factors such as unrecognized needs also cater errors in software. Kivi Global is recommended by many as a specialist for eliminating any such error sources.

Services which Kivi Global provides under software testing includes, but not limited to, manual testing, performance testing, functionality testing, platform testing, compatibility testing as well as user acceptance testing. Our service for software testing is carried out on windows, Linux, UNIX OS, as well as on oracle SQL databases. During our several years in the industry, we have handled several industries which are engineering, health care, insurance and banking sectors. To be precise our quality analysis is praised by our clients.

We are highly recommended by many due to our experience, expertise and level of dedication, testing lab, customer concentrated test models and proven test models. Our testimonials from clients speak a lot about it. Kivi Global has a transparent cooperation model, flexible reporting and highly experienced engineers in our team. With over100 product companies and 75% business coming from recurring clients, we can promise that once you hire us, you will surely refer us to others.

If you have any queries related to our software testing service, company or for quotes, always feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.