Software Maintenance

At several IT companies, software maintenance is ignored significantly due to the lack of awareness on how it would affect the critical application downtime. However clear-sighted IT companies understand the risk and loss in revenue and thus hire a professional company to issue resolution and performance regain. In such discussions, Kivi Global is the first choice among the many in the global market.

The experienced professional at Kivi Global, first study the requirement of the client and then offer them the support and maintenance with respect to that. Our experienced team of professional undergoes the software maintenance process by first understanding the program, implementing reverse engineering, reuse & reusability, ruling defect, software testing, management configuration, building, enhancing and sustaining maintainability. Within minimum time, our team of professionals can fix any software error and guide our clients to get back to action in no time.

With a clear-cut software maintenance process to offer prominent superior quality service, Kivi Global offers offshore and onsite support. Onsite support is provided to the clients for whom remote support isn’t adequate to tackle the issue. We make sure that, with our maintenance service, it increases the software life, lowering downtime, performance increase and revenue generation using the software at swift mode. Along with outstanding service, our clients get a cost effective maintenance solution for us. We make sure that we’re available to our clients round the clock, by implementing unique ideas to fix sophisticated issues which restricts the maintenance process.

Hiring us for long term for software maintenance assures first-class service. Here at Kivi Global, we make sure that we bring a smile on our clients face with our service which is way upon any reward rather than just generating revenue for our business. With us, you need not have to look at any other service provider, as we provide services which crack the nuts of many in the industry.

If you have any queries related to our software maintenance service, company or for quotes, always feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.