Swift advancement in engineering and IT industry, the need to have perfect software has become essential. Kivi Global has been offering quality software solutions to engineering and IT based companies for last several years. With our proper guidance, several major players in the industry have already taken their position in the zenith with revenue in multiple rates.

Clients at Kivi Global includes private as well as public sector companies offering world class software solutions in terms of development, maintenance, consulting, testing and processing for engineering applications. Under engineering sector, we provide mainly focus on are energy, mining, transportation, research and development programs.

Our team is comprised of engineering graduates with wide knowledge in coding, to offer you something which is better than the best available at the industry. Cost-effective software solution to meet the needs and requirements of our clients with our well trained and hardworking workforce is one of our specialties. Our workforce binds with our clients which helps us to understand the very basic needs of our clients to its core and offer a solution which surely meets their interests and expectations. We provide offshore and onshore software development service for our clients.

For any queries related to our service, about our company or for quotes, always feel free to contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Hire us today to get the software which you need for your engineering applications and enjoy it at cost-effective price.